Boulder Colorado Labradoodles  

Welcome to the site of Boulder, Colorado Labradoodles. We are a family located in Boulder, Colorado, strongly committed to the health and welfare of these extraordinary dogs. We have entered into the breeding world to share theses wonderful creatures with you. Our Australian Labradoodle puppies which are bred with love, and strict adherence to breeding  guidelines will bring you nothing  but pleasure and fun.  

Australian Labradoodles Extraordinaire

Charlotte is  expecting!!!!!!! Anticipated delivery date is  June 21st, 2015.  We are anticipating chocolate or cream  multigenerational Australian  labradoodle  medium puppies  with estimated weights of 40-45 lbs.  Our wait list is half full, so contact us ASAP if you are interested. 


We love to take our families hiking.

Charlotte as MOM

Puppies at the VET

Charlotte's previous  puppies are all happy, healthy and  living in Albuquerque, Colorado, Arizona and Texas. 

Charlotte delivered her first litter of 8 adorable puppies July, 2012. 

This is Charlotte and daughter Maggie enjoying the trails of Boulder, Colorado. 

Labradoodle Puppies